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At James Dunkerley Steel, one of our services is galvanizing the metal and steel which we manufacture. Galvanising is the process of adding a protective coating of zinc which alloys to the surface of the metal or steel to ensure it remains in top condition with protection from long-term corrosion. The steel or metal is submerged in a hot bath of molten zinc, it is then taken out of the bath and left to cool, after which the zinc is metallurgically bonded to the steel.

There are many benefits to the galvanising process, namely that it is first of all zinc is the cheapest and most effective coating to apply to your metal. If the zinc coating is scratched or damaged in any way, the metal or steel underneath will remain intact. The metal can still undergo drilling or cutting as the zinc undergoes sacrificial corroding to protect the metal or steel underneath. There is no other metal or steel protection method out there that can match this level of protection. The protection means that you will not have to replace the metal or steel you have in place.

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