Square / Rectangular Steel Box Sections

Steel box sections are a good compromise when strong steelwork is required, but there is a desire to carry less weight than a solid square bar, or a need for sections that are easier to cut through on site.

Of course, a square is simply a rectangle whose sides are all the same length, but for simplicity’s sake they tend to be listed as a separate product category entirely.

As such, our square hollow sections steel dimensions begin at a size of 40mm x 40mm and a thickness of 3.0mm, and go up to a maximum of 400mm x 400mm and 20.0mm thick.

The width measurement is the outer dimension, while the thickness of the steel will determine the size of the inner dimension of the cavity itself.

Where the size of the inner cavity is significant, the width specified should therefore be based on the minimum acceptable cavity size, with the thickness of the steel added to this twice, once for each parallel side of the square.

Rectangular hollow section sizes start from 50mm x 30mm and 3.2mm thick, although some larger sizes can be specified at 3.0mm thick.

Our largest standard size for rectangular steel box sections is 500mm x 300mm and 20.0mm thick.

Square Hollow Sections

Rectangular Hollow Sections