Steel Tubing & Steel Pipes

Steel pipes and tubes are strong, versatile metal components with a vast range of applications and an equally broad range of sizes and specifications.

They may be used to carry fluids, or as highly protective outer casings for cables and other such connections that require an impervious conduit.

Tubular steel sections may also be used in temporary structures, such as scaffolding, to provide reliable vertical support without the risk of buckling.

And by virtue of being hollow, steel pipes and tubes can often achieve this with less total weight than a solid steel section would carry.

Our range of steel pipes and tubes begins from an outer diameter of just 21.3mm and scales up to a maximum of 457.0mm, with more than 15 other sizes to choose from in between.

Each size also offers a selection of thicknesses, except for our smallest sizes which are supplied at a thickness of 3.2mm.

The diameter and thickness together determine the total weight per unit length of the tube, which may be critical in certain applications.

A 21.3mm tube with a thickness of 3.2mm is our lightest option at 1.43kg per metre length, while at the top end of the scale, a 457.0mm tube 40.0mm thick weighs in at 411.0kg per metre.

Technical specification tableTechnical specification tableTechnical specification table