Round / Square Solid Steel

Solid ’rounds’ (AKA circles) and squares of steel have their own applications, and their solid construction can make them a very reliable¬† alternative to hollow pipes or box sections.

Because they are solid, these round and square bars can become very heavy very quickly, and as such their size is typically no larger than around 100mm.

At the largest size, this equates to a mass of 61.60kg per metre, and just 16 metres will therefore weigh one tonne.

For less heavy-duty applications, smaller cross-sectional areas can be specified, and the smallest measures in at 6mm, equivalent to 0.22kg per metre.

This allows for more than 4,500 metres of bar to be used before one tonne of weight is added to the project site.

As with other products, solid rounds and squares can be worked upon before delivery by our Services and light fabrication team.

Where necessary, they can be painted or galvanised, to give them the desired appearance or to protect the surface of the steel against exposure to the weather, abrasion or other potentially harmful processes and substances.

There are more than 15 different sizes to choose from, subject to availability – allowing solid rounds or squares to be specified that closely match the demands of your project.

Mild Steel Rounds

Rectangular Hollow Sections