Steel Channels

Steel channels are broadly speaking C-shaped (or U-shaped) sections of steel, with a flat side and two flanges facing on to an open side.

Although the term ‘channel’ may sound like the section is intended to be used in a U-shaped configuration, for example to carry an open stream of water, in practice these are generally thought of as C-shaped sections.

This means that the ‘depth’ of the channel is actually given as the distance across the flat side, or between the flanges if they are parallel.

The ‘width’ of the section relates to the distance across the flange, from the corner where it attaches to the flat side of the channel, to its open opposite edge.

And certain other measurements – such as the thickness of the metal used – dictate the mass per metre of the section, which is typically quoted as its third dimension.

As such, a steel channel might range from ‘100 x 50 x 10’ – a closed side of 100mm, flanges of 50mm and a mass per metre of around 10kg – to ‘430 x 100 x 64’.

Note the different units used – whereas the first two dimensions are in mm, the third is in kg per metre.

Together, these should allow the desired size to be specified for any project with a good degree of accuracy. For more information about the supply of steel channels, contact James Dunkerley today.