Also known as an i-beam, h-beam or rolled steel joist (RSJ), universal beams are usually made of structural steel and are one of the most commonly-used load-bearing beams in the engineering and construction industries.

I-beam sizes

Universal beams come in a wide range of sizes and can often be cut to meet the specific requirements of larger projects.

At Dunkerley Steels, we sell a wide range of universal beams to construction and civil engineering companies large and small. Click here to download our i-beam size chart pdf or look through our universal beam size table below to see a small selection of sizes we have available:

Outside Diameter  Thickness  Mass per metre  Area of section 
mm  mm  kg  cm2 
168.3  5.0  20.1  25.7 
168.3  10.0  39.0  49.7 
193.7  5.4  25.1  31.9 
193.7  16.0  70.1  89.3 
219.1  6.3  33.1  42.1 
219.1  20.0  98.2  125.0 
244.5  6.3  37.0  47.1 
244.5  20.0  111.0  151.0 
273.0  6.3  41.4  52.8 
273.0  25.0  153.0  195.0 

This table shows the largest and smallest beams we have available, sorted by outside diameter. View the PDF for a complete overview of the sizing options we have available.

What are universal beams?


Universal beams are typically used as a building block in steel frameworks, ensuring complete structural integrity thanks to their ability to effectively support even the heaviest loads.

Although they are often confused with universal columns, h-beams have key differences that make them best suited to different projects. Although both are made up of a flange, which is the fin of steel running across the edge, and a web – the central piece of steel, columns have near-equal width and depth whereas beams are significantly deeper than they are wide.

The manufacturing process and dimensions of these beams, therefore, makes them an incredibly efficient method of carrying both bending and shear loads in the plane of the web, as the flanges resist parallel loads more effectively than alternative options. This allows for more efficient use of steel whilst ensuring the structural integrity of any project.

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