UK steel suppliers help to contribute a total of around £9.5 billion, according to a recent launch event for Community Union’s Stand Up For Steel initiative.

The campaign aims to recognise the true extent of steel’s contribution to the UK economy, workforce and so on, and to urge the prime minister and members of parliament to work to safeguard the future of UK steel suppliers and producers.

It was launched with a recent parliamentary debate, in which several participants spoke of the importance of the UK steel industry, including Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin, who said: “Steel provides a contribution of £9.5 billion to the UK economy.”

Stand Up For Steel is campaigning for government action in four crucial areas, in order to protect short-term prospects and safeguard the UK steel industry for the future as well.

These include compensation for energy-intensive industries adversely hit by environmental legislation; government procurement for UK foundation industries; action to promote UK steel in Europe and worldwide; and greater union participation to help protect the industry even further in the years to come.