UK steel stockists are part of the proud heritage of British steelmaking, and for many steel stockholders Yorkshire is the undeniable heartland of the industry.

So it’s appropriate that a massive 2.5-tonne heart of steel will sit in the centre of the Yorkshire Man of Steel, an ambitious sculpture that will soon dominate the skyline over Rotherham.

The 30 metre high sculpture will be accompanied by a visitor centre, allowing tourists and local residents alike to learn more about Yorkshire’s steelmaking history, and how steel will continue to play a part in the region’s future.

It is difficult not to draw parallels with the Angel of the North – but in typical Yorkshire fashion, the Man of Steel will be a much more personal structure.

The steel stockholders Yorkshire has produced over the years even have a chance to be immortalised by having their name etched on to the heart of the figure.

It’s an opportunity that’s not just open to UK steel stockists; anyone who donates £20 or more to the funding of the project can add their name, or the name of a friend or family member.

yorkshire man of steel