With the news that potholes may finally have had their day, steel road plates can help to provide a stable driving surface over these uneven menaces until repair work can be completed.

Speaking at The Oval last week, transport minister Andrew Jones explained that after years of neglect, the government is keen to give local authorities a fresh chance to eliminate potholes on local roads.

“When the Prime Minister asked me to take on the roads brief, I didn’t realise how popular I would become,” he joked.

“Indeed, I have been deluged with requests from fellow MPs asking for me to help fix potholes in their constituencies.”

Under the Conservative Manifesto, the party pledged to repair 18 million potholes by 2021, and is now allocating funding to local authorities for repair work, as well as other projects like street lighting.

But of course, it is important to make sure roads remain navigable during work – especially if even larger holes need to be dug to allow potholes to be patched up properly, rather than just filled in as a temporary fix.

Steel road plates can do just that, covering over uneven surfaces or trenches dug as part of the work, until a full tarmac surface can be reinstated.