Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai – and in the world, in fact – has been making headlines with an innovative North Deck installed on 90 steel piles reaching out into the Arabian Gulf.

The steel piles each measure 914mm in diameter, creating a sturdy base for the North Deck to sit atop, when it arrives in Dubai from Finland in mid-February.

Once the six huge sections are lowered into position on the steel piling, the completed North Deck will weigh around 5,000 tonnes, with the entire structure built out of steel.

This serves as the base for a terrace on which 32 cabanas, a 612 sq m freshwater pool, an 828 sq m saltwater pool, up to 400 sun loungers, a restaurant and a bar will all sit.

In all, the structure will reach out about 100m over the water – a further example of how innovative building methods are allowing Dubai to increase its valuable real estate potential.

Guests will have to wait until the second quarter of the year before they will be allowed access to the North Deck, which has been created through a first-time-ever combination of marine engineering knowhow, manufacturing expertise and environmental technology.

In an article on the Burj Al Arab website, the hotel’s operators explained that, far from having a negative effect, the steel piling and the deck actually have potential benefits for the local marine life.

“The construction and steel pile installation process will cause minimal impact to the ocean environment compared to the effect normally associated with a land reclamation approach,” the website explains.

“The environmentally sound deck will also provide an artificial reef and shade for marine life.”

As part of this marine-focused approach to constructing the deck, its six sections have actually been built in a facility usually used for cruise ships and yachts.