James Dunkerley Steel can handle general light fabrication of steel products to give you the specific structural steel you need, saving you time and money on the job site.

Our general light fabrication services

We offer a range of general light fabrication services including:

• Cutting steel sections to length.
• Drilling holes for fixings and other purposes.
• Punching through sheet metal and thinner section steel.
• Folding steel into desired shapes for assembly.

Once your steel is cut, drilled, punched and folded, we can continue to carry out the assembly of structural steel elements, which may include processes like:

• Welding multiple steel sections together.
Galvanising exposed surfaces for environmental protection.
Painting outward-facing surfaces for aesthetic appeal.

By getting James Dunkerley Steel to carry out general light fabrication of steel products such as frames, cages and cabinets, you receive a single finished piece that has already been galvanised and painted in its entirety where required, so there are no exposed seams where separate elements join together.

What can Dunkerley Steel fabricate?

As long as what you need is reasonable, we can fabricate it for you. Examples of items we have produced in the past range from cabinets to wheelchairs, along with a wide range of common structural steel components for use in larger construction work.

We also work with other metals where necessary, including lighter aluminium structures, durable stainless steel and hard carbon steel.

Having these elements produced by us off-site means they can be delivered ready to be bolted into place, so your main construction site is not held up by unnecessary assembly work – nobody wants to spend a day on-site assembling the industrial equivalent of flat-pack furniture!

There are also economical and environmental benefits, as we can minimise the amount of steel wasted by choosing sections that are as close as possible to the length your structure needs, even before we carry out any flame cutting.

Any offcuts will also be treated appropriately, either being sold as second-hand steel if they are of a usable size or, where the remnants are too small to be of direct use, we will make sure they are recycled to give them a new lease of life.