Newly compiled figures show how UK steel tube suppliers increased their output in the third quarter of 2014, amid a climate of general growth in the EU steel tube market as a whole.

However, not all EU member states saw the same kind of increases, according to the figures from Steel Guru and the Strategic Research Institute.

France, Spain and Sweden all saw sharp falls in steel tube output, while Poland, Germany, Italy and Sweden all saw growth.

UK steel tube suppliers also saw positive market movement, in a quarter when total EU output was up by 2.8% year-on-year.

For the immediate future, larger diameters of steel tubes, as are typically used in pipeline projects, may be subdued due to cancelled projects in Russia and reduced oil and gas exploration activity.

But the EU market as a whole is still expected to achieve 2% growth when the final figures of 2014 are calculated, with positive input from smaller diameters.

These are used particularly in the construction and automotive sectors, and the report from Steel Guru and the Strategic Research Institute says small welded and seamless tubes alike will see an uplift from these industries.