The months of COVID-19 lockdown in the UK led to a sharp fall in economic activity across major sectors including manufacturing, construction, and other key markets and supply chains.

But hopes are high that the economy as a whole will bounce back quickly as activity returns, rather than suffering a protracted recession like that seen in much of the decade from 2007-08 onwards.

For the manufacturing industry, there are several steps that can be taken to support this recovery, especially with the end of the Brexit trade deal negotiations looming on the horizon.

Working with domestic suppliers is one measure that can protect against international disruption, for example if countries further up your supply chain are forced to go back into lockdown, or if the UK leaves the EU with no trade deal in place.

At James Dunkerley Steel we are proud to be a UK steel supplier working with domestic customers to ensure a robust supply chain for all kinds of structural steel, steel sections and steel plate.

We also supply second-hand steel, helping to keep the metal within the UK, rather than shipping it to a foreign country to be recycled.

Manufacturers can also work to keep within the social distancing regulations even as they change – for example, the recent shift from ‘two metres’ to ‘one metre plus’ guidelines – not only to avoid enforcement action, but also to prevent employee absences due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Again we are working hard to support our customers whether by taking more enquiries over the phone instead of face-to-face, or by agreeing on a suitable time for steel deliveries to make sure there is no unnecessary in-person contact between our respective employees.

Finally, you can maximise output and revenues by keeping orders and projects on schedule, something we can help to sustain by ensuring we have steel supplies available when you need them.

To help us to do this, please place your orders as soon as you know what you need – as a UK steel supplier we are just a phone call away and we welcome all enquiries and orders during this time of rapidly recovering activity in the manufacturing sector.