At Dunkerley Steels we offer a range of services to ensure the steel you purchase is ready for whatever project requires it. From drilling or hole-tapping, to painting steel a custom colour. One of our most popular services is steel galvanisation, but what are the benefits of this protective process?


What is galvanising?

The process of coating a thicker metal base with zinc shields the material from the elements and prevents corrosion. The steel is protected from rust and erosion that can be caused when the object is exposed to rain, high or low temperatures in the climate and some chemicals that some into contact with it.  


Why galvanise steel?

In simple terms the process of galvanising steel elongates it’s life and ensure the metal will be of the highest quality as possible, for as long as possible. Galvanising steel means that the material will remain reliable and strong. Using galvanised steel is also a cost effective alternative to using materials such as aluminium or stainless steel. 


How does it work?

There are a number of ways that galvanising protects metal. Firstly it creates a protective coating with shields the material corrosion water and moisture penetrating and affecting the steel as well as other elements is the air. If the zinc coating were damaged or scratched deep enough to expose the steel underneath, it may be susceptible to erosion. 

There is another process which occurs during galvanisation called ‘galvanic corrosion’. This is when two metals of different electrochemical makeup make contact in the presence of another electrolyte. The two different metals will be an anode and a cathode, which respectively speed up and slow down in their rates of corrosion during this reaction. The reason zinc is used it due to its inclination to become an anode when combined with many metals, and will slow down the corrosion of the cathode – the metal base. 


There are several different types of galvanising dependant on the type of metal and its intended use; including hot-dip galvanising, which as its name implies involved totally submerging the item in zinc; pre-galvanising, which is suitable for larger objects or larger volumes or steel; and electrogalvanising for intricate coating. If you require galvanising for steel, contact us today to speak to our team and place an order.