The European Commission is holding a structural steel workshop to address some of the essential knowledge needed to meet the standards in place across the EU for buildings constructed using steel.

Entitled ‘Design of Steel Buildings with the Eurocodes’, the event takes place on October 16th-17th in Brussels, Belgium.

Its stated aims include transferring knowledge to key figures in the steel and building design sectors of member states; providing background material and worked examples; and an opportunity for networking and exchange of views.

“The EN Eurocodes are a set of European standards which provide common rules for the design of construction works, to check their strength and stability against live extreme loads such as fire and earthquakes,” the European Commission says in its flyer for the event.

For structural steel in building design, EN 1993 is an important Eurocode, as it governs issues like general building rules, structural fire design, design of joints and aspects of sustainability.

EN 1998 is focused specifically on the design of steel buildings for earthquake resistance, which may be of particular interest in areas with a high frequency of earthquakes and building damage in the past.