Steel Wanted

If you’ve got steel to sell, we’d like to hear from you.

We are always interested in:

  • Good, sound, reusable materials from demolition/dismantling projects and completed temporary works schemes.
  • Unused, surplus materials from cancelled contracts.
  • Prime certified materials direct from steel producers and their representatives.

Recycling steel has wide-reaching benefits for the environment and for the economy, particularly where the metal can be reused in its current form, rather than needing to be melted down and formed into a fresh shape.

We collect all kinds of scrap steel, regardless of condition, and put it to the best secondary use possible given its size, state and so on.

In some cases this means second-hand steel is directly available for purchase, allowing costs to be reduced where budgets are tight and virgin steel is not required.

Where steel is not in a fit state to be directly reused, we can collect it for recycling in the proper way – and this can be very good news for the environment.

According to figures from the British Metals Recycling Association, 42% of all steel is now made using recycled materials, and this carries an energy saving of between 62% and 74% compared with producing virgin steel.

Small amounts of scrap steel can simply be added to the ordinary blast furnace process of fresh steelmaking, allowing them to be incorporated into virgin steel without difficulty.

For larger quantities of recycled steel, the electric arc furnace process is used, and this can produce high-quality metal for use in tools.

We are open to all enquiries about scrap and second-hand steel; whether you have some to spare or are looking for a supply of used steel, please get in touch.

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