Most of us look at structural steel and see the skeleton of a building – or, if you’re an engineer, you perhaps can’t help thinking about where the forces are acting on the structure.

James Kingston asks himself, ‘How do I get to the top?’ as a free climber with over a decade of experience.

His daredevil antics began in 2004 when James decided to take a stand against an education system skewed towards academic achievement.

Now, little over a decade later, he has become the first person to climb Wembley’s iconic steel arch, just one of several structural steel constructions he has stood atop of.

The June 10th stunt was supposed to be the launch of EE’s 4GEE Action Cam, but the newspapers seemed more interested in James himself.

His climb – made with his bare hands – has since featured in news reports all over the world, with images of him “chilling out at the top of Wembley Arch” posted on his social networking accounts too.

Previous adventures posted to his YouTube account include scaling a “scary crane” in Dubai, an abandoned Alpine ski lift, and a relatively tame 200m radio tower in Preston.