Steel tubesuppliers in the UK have seen a substantial increase in export sales of allqualities of steel tubes in recent months, according to figures published byEEF, the industry organisation that incorporates UK Steel.

Theorganisation has published an update on deliveries by UK steel mills, both tocustomers at home and abroad, and the export market shows particularly positiveindications for steel tubes in general.

Between 2009and 2012, domestic deliveries have seen mixed fortunes – rising from almost340,000 tonnes in 2009 to a peak of almost 523,000 tonnes of steel tubes in2011, before dropping back to just over 373,000 tonnes in 2012.

This isstill an increase over the long-term, despite the fallback over the past yearor so; however, it is the export market that holds the greatest promise for UKsteel tube suppliers.

Steel tubesof all qualities shipped to the tune of just over 300,000 tonnes in 2009, afterwhich there followed two subdued years – 237,000 tonnes in 2010, and 280,000tonnes in 2011.

But in 2012the trend reversed in dramatic fashion, and exports of steel tubes hit over425,000 tonnes for the year.

In all,domestic sales are now up by around 10% since 2009, and exports by over 40%,with UK consumption of steel tubes from domestic suppliers and imports up byabout 28% over the same period.