Sheffield man of steelThe Yorkshire Man of Steel project is continuing and, following our previous reports, UK steel suppliers and those who have devoted their lives to the industry still seem likely to be among the names honoured on the sculpture.

It is a fairly simple yet ambitious plan – a seated figure, placed on a hill in Kimberworth, and visible for miles around.

The steel sculpture includes a 2.5-tonne, 2.5-metre heart, and it is on this that up to 150,000 names are due to be engraved, with members of the public paying £20 each towards the project to nominate a loved one for inclusion.

UK steel suppliers past and present are among the names already on the list, along with some very personal reasons for nominations.

Sculptor Steve Mehdi told local newspaper The Star: “People have had the names of small babies who’ve died of heart defects added; one woman’s son died in an accident, and she drives over Tinsley viaduct every day so wanted to remember him when she passes.

“Other people have had their dads put on because they worked in the steelworks and they see him as their ‘man of steel’.”