UK steel stockists are making sure the reinforcing steel bars they supply are of the correct quality, in response to warnings from the industry’s representative body UK Steel.

Current British Standards allow rebar to have longitudinal ribs, which ensure that it bonds properly with the surrounding concrete when used in a reinforced concrete structure.

In order to be compliant with BS 4449, the height of these ribs must be no more than 10% of the diameter of the bar itself.

But in some imported rebar, UK Steel have become aware that the rib heights are too large – in the range of 1.663-1.890mm against a bar diameter of 12mm.

The industry has taken quick action, with UK Steel telling steel stockists to check their stocks for compliance with the relevant British Standards.

All of the stock involved is of non-European origin, and there is no reason to expect that rebar manufactured by British steel suppliers is in any way non-compliant with the prevailing standards.

With this concerted action by UK steel stockists, any rebar that reaches the market should be fully compliant, so there is no need for concern on the part of customers and end-users.