UK steelstockists and others in the manufacturing industries are crying out for aninflux of young talent, according to a report from industry representativegroup EEF.

Theorganisation – which includes the steel industry’s specific representativebody, UK Steel – made its comments following the publication of a criticalreport of the National Careers Service by educational inspectorate Ofsted.

EEF head ofemployment policy Tim Thomas said: “Manufacturers, facing acute skillsshortages, are crying out for young talent.”

He addedthat employers should be incorporated into young people’s training to a greaterextent, including making work experience placements mandatory at a certain age.

UK steelstockists and their counterparts in other manufacturing verticals could also beallowed to provide part-time teaching support, allowing them to share theirknowledge in the classroom without specifically obtaining teachingqualifications first.

Mr Thomassuggests that the reverse situation could also help to improve the delivery ofmanufacturing education in schools – by allowing teachers to spend several dayseach year observing industrial companies to learn more about the latestconditions within each particular industry.