UK steel stockists are among the providers of apprenticeships whose help has been requested in simplifying the rules by which apprentices are assessed, as part of the nation’s ongoing industrial strategy.

Matthew Hancock, minister of state for business and enterprise, recently delivered a speech on the UK’s industrial strategy, and its implications for advanced manufacturing and for the economy as a whole.

He spoke about apprenticeships – and how the recognition of their ability to add value to industrial sectors has led to a record surge in uptake.

“We’ve asked employers – market leaders in sectors from finance to food, retail to steel – to literally rewrite the Apprenticeship rulebook,” he said.

“They’re condensing hundreds of pages of complex, messy frameworks to a two-page description of the skills and behaviour employees should demonstrate in a particular industry and how they should be assessed.”

This is allowing UK steel stockists and their counterparts in the other industries mentioned to deliver “shorter, clearer, better standards”.

As Mr Hancock noted, these are rules “written by employers, for employers”, ensuring the industry is creating the kind of apprentices needed to continue thriving for many years to come.