A structuralsteel design has been selected for a memorial to commemorate the 25,000Lincolnshire Bomber Command airmen who died during the Second World War.

Dubbed theSpire of Names, it is a 50m tall spire made from structural steel, on which the25,000 names will be engraved.

It was thepreferred design out of three possible finalists shortlisted by theLincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust, who have raised the funds to makethe memorial possible.

The spire,designed by Walter Jack, will be constructed adjacent to Lincoln Cathedral onCanwick Hill, and accompanied by memorial gardens and a visitors’ centre.

A spokesmanfor the trust, Nicky Barr, told the BBC: “The Spire of Names has alifespan of 125 years, so really it is a design for future generations.”

Mr Jack, astructural artist, added that he was struck by the stories of bravery andcourage that he heard about the Lincolnshire Bomber Command, as well as thesheer level of sacrifice involved in their activities.

“If wecan build something halfway worthy of these men, we will have done well,”he told the BBC.