Model, a newsculptural work and exhibition by Antony Gormley, puts structural steel in thecontext of the human body at the White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey.

A total of100 tonnes of weathering sheet steel were used by the artist in the creation ofthe main, titular piece for his latest exhibition.

Theambitious Model allows spectators not only to look from the outside, but alsoto enter the interior of its vast, human-shaped mass.

Blocks ofstructural steel support rooftop terraces open to the daylight, whiledisguising interior caverns that may be lost to the view in the darkness.

Gormleyexplained to news service Reuters that he wanted to create a sculpture thatreflects the parallels between the homes in which we live, and the biologicalbodies that we inhabit.

“Ithink we ‘dwell’ first in this borrowed bit of the material world that we callthe body,” he explained, adding that the built environment is the secondplace in which we dwell.

Theexhibition is an opportunity for art-lovers to appreciate Gormley’s vision,while engineers may find their own enjoyment in this distinctive applicationfor 100 tonnes of sheet steel.