Structuralsteel holds a dominant position in multi-storey non-residential constructionprojects, according to recent industry research.

Figures fromConstruction Markets published in New Steel Construction show how structuralsteel has established and maintained a sizeable market share over severalyears, after becoming the material of choice during the mid-1980s.

At thattime, it overtook in-situ concrete, with both materials accounting for justmore than 40% each of multi-storey non-residential construction in 1984-85.

In the early1990s, steel reached a market share of more than 60% for the first time, whilein-situ concrete had fallen to a share of around 25% of new projects, withload-bearing masonry, precast concrete and timber all among the lesser-usedalternatives.

By the turnof the millennium, steel held a sustained dominant market share, well in excessof 65% and, at times during the first decade of the 2000s, breaking through the70% benchmark.

As of 2012,structural steel remains at 67.1% market share, rising to more than 70% inmulti-storey offices, while in-situ concrete now accounts for 21% ofconstruction.