Steelstockholders, suppliers and manufacturers will be among those whose real-termscarbon footprints are cut, thanks to an agreement to ‘stretch’ existing energyefficiency improvement targets for energy-intensive industries in the UK.

The steelsector is just one of 51 industries to commit to cutting energy usage in themedium term, along with other major British business areas like farming andaerospace, with a total of around 9,000 locations affected by this new round ofcommitments.

Under theextended Climate Change Agreements scheme, targets will be set to improveenergy efficiency by 11%, compared with specific, pre-agreed baselines, by theend of the current decade.

Climatechange minister Gregory Barker says: “I am really impressed by thecommitment shown by the UK energy-intensive industries to improving theircompetitiveness and energy efficiency. This partnership with governmentdemonstrates our commitment to growth.”

The news ispositive for all those working in the steel supply chain, as energy efficiencyimprovements among manufacturers will help to cut carbon footprints for steelstockholders and suppliers alike as they filter down through the marketvertical.