The 2013Budget speech may have delivered several limited reasons to celebrate for UKsteel suppliers, despite the generally difficult economic circumstances thatcontinue to grip British businesses.

In acontinued turbulent economy, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne,outlined plans to support major infrastructure investments that should seematerials like structural steel and road plate in significant demand in theyears to come.

He toldparliament: “We’re already supporting the largest programme of investmentin our railways since Victorian times – and spending more on new roads than ina generation.”

Both ofthese important modes of transport have the potential to directly boost orderswith UK steel suppliers for structural steel, road plate and other suchmaterials.

Meanwhile,measures to support first-time buyers and build-to-rent investors could furthersee steel suppliers’ order books swell through deliveries for use in newhousing projects.

Inparticular, assistance for property buyers – not limited to first-timepurchasers – applies specifically to new-build homes in the 2013 Budget, andthat should further boost construction in the months to come.