Steelsuppliers could have an unlikely role to play in helping the UK to meet itsmains power demands in the years to come.

According toPike Research, an analyst firm that specialises in power-related topics andrenewable energy, major industry often accounts for a significant proportion ofpower usage at any one time.

However,this also means that industrial facilities have the greatest potential toreduce the peak load on the electricity grid, by managing their consumptionwhen domestic demand is at its greatest.

“Thanksto its long history of ‘demand response’, and early adoption of automated DR,the US has led the way with respect to the use of industrial DR,” sayssenior research analyst Marianne Hedin.

“Todaythough, other countries including Canada, the UK, France, South Africa, Israel,China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are either increasing thepace of adoption, or conducting pilots to explore the feasibility and value ofindustrial DR programmes.”

In the UK,this could mean that steel suppliers and manufacturers in the future are askedto reduce their energy consumption when the grid is under domestic demand -something to remember the next time you switch on your kettle during thecommercial break in Coronation Street.