UK steelsuppliers are not in a state of demise, despite alarmist headlines in themedia, but are looking to the future proactively, according to one industryspokesman.

PeterCorfield, director general of the National Association of Steel Service Centres,says the organisation’s membership figures show the sector is not in decline.

“TheNASS membership is a good barometer of UK manufacturing because we supply everysector of British industry and we have a good idea of how each isperforming,” he said in an August interview with Building Design andConstruction Magazine.

He addedthat the last few years have not shown any indications of “doom andgloom” among NASS members and that, although the membership has not grownsignificantly either, the sector is still resilient.

UK steelsuppliers are now looking ahead to a brighter future, as well as looking forways to optimise their operations, making the sector even more efficient forthe years to come.

This shouldmaximise the UK steel sector’s potential, working alongside existing themeslike environmental awareness and health and safety to raise standards stillhigher in the future.