We stock a broad range of steel road plates, already cut and holed, and ready for use on-site.

Steel road plates are the ideal solution to cover temporary excavations on your site, helping to both improve site safety and assist with the flow of vehicles around the site by allowing vehicles to pass areas they would otherwise be unable to.

In addition, steel plates improve site safety by covering narrow trenches which are a common cause of slips and falls for workers.

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Steel road plate sizes

Our range of heavy duty, anti slip road plates is available in a range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for a single smaller plate or a large number of thick steel road plates capable of supporting heavy machinery for a large construction project, we can help.

We supply road plates in the following sizes:

Size Thickness/weight per plate (KGs)
¼”  ⅜” ½” ⅝” ¾” 1”
6’0” x 4’0” 105 175 210 265 350 440
8’0” x 4’0” 150 250 300 368 490 613
10’0” x 5’0” 216 360 432 530 707 883
12’0” x 6’0” 320 526 631 789 1051 1314

6 x 4 and 8 x 4 are our most popular sizes, and we have these cut, holed and ready to pick up on the same day you order for maximum convenience. However, we can have plates of any size available to deliver to your site incredibly quickly thanks to our specialist team. And if you’re not sure what size is right for you, we’ll work alongside you to establish exactly what’s right for you.

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What are steel road plates?

Steel road plates are flat plates of steel, typically with a non-slip surface, which are designed to be used in construction projects of all sizes.

Most commonly, road plates are used to cover temporary excavations, allowing individuals and vehicles to better navigate the site whilst also reducing the risk of someone being injured. Alongside reducing injury risk, this also improves the flow of traffic when work is ongoing, improving your efficiency and making construction a much smoother process.

In addition, road plates can be used to protect fragile, unstable ground. They provide a more stable work surface and help you live up to your responsibility to ensure the grounds surrounding your site aren’t damaged.

Leaving road plates to cover trenches when work is not being carried out also helps protect them from poor weather conditions by shielding them from rainfall or wind blowing objects into the trenches.

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