Steel pipescontinue to see demand in the UK, most recently in newly announced renewableenergy installations.

TheDepartment of Energy and Climate Change ended December by outlining how theRenewable Energy Roadmap has developed between July 2011 and July 2012.

Among theprogress made was a 60% increase in offshore wind capacity, taking it to 2.5gigawatts, a fivefold rise in solar panel capacity, a 40% increase in potentialrenewable electricity capacity, and a 27% increase in renewable electricitygeneration.

But it is inwind generation where steel pipes are benefiting, not least as part of thefoundations for offshore wind turbines.

Furtherdeals have seen steel become a valuable source material for the creation ofweather monitoring stations – a key component in renewable power generationwhen offshore electricity depends on the prevailing weather conditions.

Both usesdemonstrate the continued importance of structural steel in the modern age, andwhile many other materials are coming under attention for their carbonfootprints, it’s evidence of how steel is helping to support environmentalcommitments, rather than undermine them.