Steel pipes are Europe’s first choice of material, according to a new report from market research specialists Ceresana.

The organisation has looked into the market for pipes of all kinds right across the continent, and found steel pipes come out on top.

“More than half of all pipes consumed in Europe are made from steel,” the market study states.

“Heavy steel pipes are mainly used in the oil and gas segment, but are also found in the industrial sector, for example plant and machine construction.”

Growth at the moment is greatest in Eastern Europe, with predicted increases of 2% in each of the next eight years.

In the west of the continent, the recent economic turbulence has seen some infrastructure projects put on hold – notably upgrades to wastewater systems.

But it seems unlikely that this will be the case indefinitely, which may mean a surge in activity in Western Europe too as delayed improvements get back on track.

“The market research institute Ceresana expects total European demand for pipes to increase to approx 51 million tonnes in 2021,” the report adds – an indication that this market will remain substantial through the end of the current decade and beyond.

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