As WorldWater Week draws to a close, it’s a good time to think about the role of steelpipes and tubes in removing excess water from land, while also conserving thisprecious commodity where it is scarce.

Whether youuse open steel channels, or enclosed steel pipes and tubes, you can divertdrainage and help to protect land from flooding – with better strength thanplastic pipes, and better resistance to extremes of temperature than many othermaterials.

Steelchannels and pipes can also carry water into storage areas, ensuring that itdoes not go wasted as surface run-off in places where the supply is relativelyscarce.

Dealing withboth extremes of water supply – excess quantities falling as rain, and ascarcity of availability – was on the agenda this week as World Water Week tookplace across the globe.

KevinWellman, chief executive officer of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing &Heating Engineering, said: “Our water footprints are rising at an alarmingrate, so the need to use water wisely and save water safely has never been sostrong.”