Ahead ofSteelFab 2013, the January 14th-17th trade show at the Expo Centre Sharjah inthe United Arab Emirates, the venue’s director general Saif Mohammed Al Midfaspoke of the exhibitions that attract industry professionals from all over theworld.

Among themare major growth areas such as steel pipes, in demand among oil and gascompanies, infrastructure and construction brands, food firms and theshipbuilding industry.

Mr Midfasaid growth in this area in particular has been consistent for the last threeSteelFab expositions, and special focus has been given to steel pipes and tubesthis year to cater for that demand.

Elsewhere,cutting equipment is also showing signs of growth in 2013, with severaldifferent categories of cutting tools receiving attention at SteelFab 2013.

Severalexhibitors on the list for this year’s show supply flame cutting equipment,while Mr Midfa also said milling, drilling and turning centres, and five-axismachining centres would be on show too.

The oil andgas industry plays a particularly important part in supporting growth in thesteel industry, as Mr Midfa said that buoyancy in the industry “is beingserviced by the structural fabrication machinery manufacturers, welding andcutting suppliers, and metal-cutting and machine tool manufacturers”.