Steel piling is being used in a number of projects in the US designed to protect communities against different kinds of natural disaster.

On the island of Vashon, Washington, the old timber ferry terminal is being replaced by a concrete structure reinforced with steel piling, the Port Orchard Independent reported.

About 200 feet of timber trestle is being replaced, along with seismic braces being fitted at ten different locations along the dock.

Together, this aims to bring the structure into line with modern-day seismic building codes, its first major overhaul since the timber dock’s construction in 1957.

Meanwhile, in Shreveport, LA, it was not an earthquake but a flood that led to steel piling being installed to support condos damaged by an overflowing drainage ditch.

A dozen residents had to leave Normandy Village condos due to the recent flood, which caused some walls to crack according to KSLA.

Steel piling has been installed to shore up the condos, and the news broadcaster reports that residents are no longer concerned for the structure itself, but are simply watching the weather to prepare for any possible future floods.