Steel kingposts serve a crucial role in keeping roof trusses stable over the long term,avoiding any unwanted sagging while keeping the supporting walls in place.

A typicalroof truss features diagonal rafters that support the roof surface itself,along with a horizontal tie beam to keep the vertical walls from bowing outwards.

However,this tie beam is itself prone to sagging unless it is supported – and ratherthan reinforcing it from below, steel king posts use tension to hold the middleof the beam up by fastening it to the rafters above.

The resultis an elegant, cyclical system of strength that draws on the natural sturdinessto be found in triangular shapes in construction.

Earlier thismonth, Fox News gave king post trusses renewed publicity when they republisheda post by Bud Dietrich, a member of the American Institute of Architects,originally written for the online home design reference site Houzz.

In hisoriginal piece, Mr Dietrich wrote: “Exposed trusses are exceptionalarchitectural elements, at once structural – they hold up the roof – whilemodulating a space to give it scale and rhythm.”