Steel king post walls offer a fast, cost-effective and convenient way to put a sturdy retaining wall in place using steel king posts to hold the panels or boards in position.

A quick solution to a sturdy retaining wall

 The process is simple – auger a hole and install the steel king posts as you would any kind of steel piling, usually secured into the ground with concrete.

 Fence panels or boards – also usually made of concrete – are then slotted into position, using the H shape of the steel king posts to hold them in place.

 If extra strength is needed, you just use more king posts at shorter intervals along the length of the retaining wall, while for added height extra concrete boards can be slotted in at the top.

 Steel king post walls are often used to retain earth embankments but can also double as flood defences, providing a tall physical barrier to keep out rising water.

 With their solid defensive structure and sentinel-like king posts standing at attention along their length, it is not surprising that they are sometimes also known as soldier walls.

Steel structural support

 Concrete is not the only material that can be used in the panels however, and combining steel king posts with timber planks or panels can create a retaining wall that offers the strength of steel in its main structural support, with the natural appearance of wood across the panel surface.

 This can make king post walls a good outdoor option in natural settings, for example to protect the perimeter of a garden or school field, where a solid concrete wall might not be appropriate.

 Whatever you use to fill in the gaps between the posts, it is the solid structural steel H columns that bring the core strength to the fence or wall, offering security and firmly shoring up any subsiding earth behind.