Steel columns have been erected at the new Leicester Market Food Hall as the structure moves towards completion, giving the city’s traders new, custom-built shelter from which to sell their produce.

The Leicester Market Twitter account posted several photographs of the Food Hall this week, showing its current stage of completion.

In one image, posted on January 20th, the structural steel that supports the roof is clearly visible, with the image itself timestamped as having been taken on Friday, January 17th.

A network of steel columns and steel beams provide the support, while the roof itself is made of wood with cross-beams that are both functional and decorative.

“Another pic from inside our new food hall. The steel for the stalls is going in,” Leicester Market tweeted. “It’s all starting to take shape!”

The tweet suggests that the structural steel will form the stalls themselves, giving traders a clear demarcation of where their area ends, with steel beams on which their signs and other hoardings can be affixed.

Above, the natural materials of the wood roof provide a protective canopy, keeping out the elements.