The new Cardiff headquarters of BBC Cymru Wales will make use of steel beams to support panes of glass 4.5 metres across, allowing natural light to flood into the premises’ atrium.

Rooflight specialists Roofglaze have confirmed they are to provide the glass for the project, based on the “leading-edge designs” set out by architects Foster + Partners.

In order to cover the atrium, steel beams will be placed 4.5 metres apart, with bespoke transom profiles used to achieve the “spectacular” visual effect intended by the designers.

Over 700 square metres of bespoke roof glazing will be installed overall, as part of a development valued at some £120 million.

Roofglaze said: “It is clear to see that the roof glazing to the central atrium is a key feature of the building’s design, allowing daylight directly into the heart of the building.”

However, it will be some time before the BBC’s broadcasters and office staff are able to take up residence in their new home, as the headquarters are not scheduled to be completed until late 2018.

This should mean BBC Cymru Wales is based out of the new location from early 2019, and the atrium – complete with its steel beams and bespoke glass roof – should be one of the most eye-catching features of the structure.

From the initial artist’s renderings of the atrium, it looks set to reach around three storeys high, with part of the structure sectioned off into individual floors, including the BBC Cymru Wales newsroom on the ground floor.

Whether the atrium itself will be visible during news broadcasts from the new headquarters remains to be seen; however, it is likely that nearby outside broadcasts will make use of the space, similarly to the way the BBC typically broadcasts from the more open areas of its other landmark properties.