rag factoryThe Rag Factory off London’s Brick Lane is a deliberately relaxed setting with more architecture than decoration – huge steel beams support the roof, while the walls are simply tiled.

Against this stark and minimalist backdrop, for almost a decade, the space has been used for rehearsals, exhibitions, art studios and live performances.

Throughout January, Craft Theatre take to this unusual stage, for a modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno.

It’s an ideal synergy of architecture and performance: the stark steel beams reflecting the raw emotions of the performance; the white wall tiles a blank canvas against which the shadows of the performers are cast.

Meanwhile, the coming months hold the promise of change for the Rag Factory, which is shaping itself up as a “true chill space that is free”.

Part of this promise extends to its submission requirements for proposed performances, which are free from minimum sales or ticket allocations.

Instead, performers can use the space for free, with any ticket revenues shared equally with the venue.

Rocky Rodriguez Jr, ‘vice-president of awesomeness’ at the Rag Factory, says on the venue’s website: “I want to support the theatre and you, I want the theatre arts to blossom.

“I want you to have the opportunity to take risks and create new exciting pieces, without the fear of going into masses of debt because of space fees.”