roryRory McIlroy is the face of golf right now, and in the April 2015 edition of Golf Digest he features in a cover story comparing his chiselled features and iron nerves to the steel beams of the New York gym in which the interview took place.

The article opens: “Amid the steel beams and industrial chic of a vast Chelsea Piers gym on the West Side of Manhattan, Rory McIlroy is right at home.”

It goes on to mention his “vein-popping forearms, sharply defined jawline [and] curly locks cropped close”.

Jaime Diaz’s verbal portrait of the player paints a picture of a man at the top of his game, whose body has been honed to serve as a crucial tool in the pursuit of his sport.

And the mention of the architecture of his surroundings gives a perfect comparison between McIlroy as an athlete, and the industrial strength of steel as a building material.

For a sport with a long-held association with ‘iron’ in the sense of golf clubs themselves, it’s a perfect metaphor for the nerves of steel that have taken McIlroy to the peak of his ability.