Steel beams feature throughout the new Carol Bove exhibition at Camden gallery David Zwirner London.

The New York artist is making her first appearance at DZ London, but with a collection of works that reflect her typical values, such as Bove’s awareness and recognition of aspects of space and time.

For example, her choice of materials – including sturdy steel beams and concrete pedestals – brings to mind the types of infrastructure and installations that are built to last, and not as part of a gallery exhibition scheduled for just six weeks until May 30th.

The gallery’s press release comments on this paradox in the design of her sculptures, adding: “One of these, a steel I-beam column supporting a human-sized piece of petrified wood, adds a sense of indeterminable temporality to the installation, and as such reinforces Bove’s understanding of sculpture as durational.”

Between the individual pieces, a larger curtain-like steel net, named Second Cartesian Sculpture, separates the room into two distinct areas which are visible from one another, at once isolating yet linking the other sculptures, and again highlighting the thought-provoking paradoxes of Bove’s work.