After a 27-hour journey, the 60-tonne steel beams needed for the Third Don Crossing arrived at their destination on the north bank of the river earlier this month.

On June 18th, the steel beams reached Grandholm Village, having passed through Aberdeen with a police escort.

The beams have steel supports of their own to hold them in their temporary position some 2.5m above the ground, where finishing touches, welding and painting can be carried out unimpeded.

In mid-July, once this work is completed and any remaining parts have arrived on site, they are to be swung out over the River Don using an 800-tonne crane, and secured into place.

Ross Thomson, vice-convener of Aberdeen’s finance, policy and resources committee, said: “It’s fantastic to see the beams arrive and people will see real progress is being made on the bridge.

“It’s a historic moment for the city and will make a huge difference for people getting about, particularly for those who live on the north side of the river.”

Work on the new bridge began in November 2014, and is now expected to be completed for January 2016.