Blueprints are important to stainless steel tube suppliers and their customers, ensuring it is possible to order the right length of tubes before work begins, without having too much left over – or worse, not enough to complete the job.

So this September, stainless steel tube suppliers who visit The Contemporary, a multidisciplinary gallery in Austin, Texas, are likely to see something familiar in the work of sculptor Do Ho Suh.

From September 20th 2014 until January 11th 2015, The Contemporary Austin’s two halls, the Jones Center and Laguna Gloria, will feature the South Korean artist’s three-dimensional constructions.

Among them is ‘Apartment A, Corridor and Staircase, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA’.

This – named after Suh’s address in New York City – is a faithful reconstruction of the apartment, complete with one level of the staircase, built out of stainless steel tubes.

Over this framework is draped fine polyester fabric; blue for the apartment itself, and red for the corridor and staircase outside it.

The finished effect is a lifesized three-dimensional blueprint, and an artistic exploration of the division between public and private space, with the translucent fabric allowing spectators to peer right through this impression of Suh’s home.

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