A seven-yearplan to raise the standards of local and national trunk roads within the UK’stransportation infrastructure could see steel road plates come undersubstantial demand from 2014 until at least 2020.

The £28billion scheme has been announced by HM Treasury, and broadly welcomed by theRoad Haulage Association, which says good-quality roads are a must formotorists and hauliers alike.

According toDanny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, a quarter of all timemotorists spend on the roads in 2040 could be wasted sitting in congestedtraffic, if something is not done to improve infrastructure; and this is thedriving force behind the seven-year plan.

However, RHAchief executive Geoff Dunning thinks the UK could benefit from even prompteraction, saying: “It is essential that work starts without delay if the UKhaulage industry is to deliver economic growth.”

Wheneverinfrastructure work begins in earnest, we will be ready to supply the steelroad plates that are needed in transportation projects, and which serve anall-important purpose in ensuring the quality of the finished driving surface.