Steel is endlessly recyclable without losing any quality, but even better than recycled steel for eco-friendly construction work is second hand steel.

Second hand steel is usually not processed in any way, but is just used as-is. It may have previously been incorporated into a structure, or it may have been bought but never used

Obviously second hand steel can vary in terms of appearance and condition, but because steel is so strong, there is a plentiful supply of used steel in good condition, even if it has come from a structure that was dismantled or demolished.

Used steel or second hand steel?

How can it be second hand steel but not used steel? There are a few ways this can happen. For example, a customer may have bought more than they needed, plans may have changed, and in some cases companies go out of business before using their already purchased steel.

All of this means second hand steel can be in unused condition, so you get all of the benefits of brand new steel, but at a second hand steel price.

In principle, you’re limited to whatever is available at the time, but supplies are good enough that it’s often quite possible to find exactly what you need among second hand steel stocks.

Planning ahead for reuse

A bit of forward thinking can make sure steel stays in a reusable condition for the future. For example, consider assembling your steel structure using bolts through pre-drilled holes, rather than by welding.

When you come to take down the structure, you can dismantle it rather than demolish it, leaving the steel sections available for direct reuse.

In this way, steel can work like a life-size Meccano set, assembled, dismantled and assembled again to build almost anything you can think of.

Good economic sense

Second hand steel isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also good for your bottom line, as it can be significantly cheaper when used across an entire project, without compromising on quality.

This makes used steel an excellent first choice if you are running a project to a tight budget, or you are working on a large structure and want to make substantial savings overall.