Second-handsteel not only makes good financial sense; it is also beneficial by reducingthe industry’s consumption of natural resources when compared with using steelthat has been manufactured as new.

KingstonCouncil has updated its guidance on recycling as part of the MetalMatterscampaign, and just in time for Recycle Week 2013, which runs on June 17th-23rd.

The localauthority is encouraging residents to recycle all kinds of metal, from foilbottle tops to jar lids and aerosol cans.

KingstonCouncil leader Councillor Derek Osbourne says: “Every tonne of recycledsteel saves 40% of the water required for virgin steel, saves half a tonne ofcoal, and uses only a quarter of the energy.”

Combiningthose resource efficiencies makes second-hand steel an excellent option -particularly in instances where it can be reused without the need to change itsshape or structure.

And whilethe guidance is aimed primarily at householders, the total resource savings canmount up even more quickly in industrial applications, where many tonnes ofsecond-hand steel might be used on a single project.

[img file=metal_matters.jpeg size=medium alt=”Second hand steel”]