Second handsteel could help flood-risk areas to be protected against the combined risksposed not only by rising rainwater – but also by badgers.

The BristolPost reports how the parish of Congresbury has gone through several problemswith its flood defences being undermined – quite literally – by the creatures.

Earthworkshave proved to be no barrier to the burrowing badgers, while efforts toreinforce the parish’s flood barrier with concrete failed when the badgerssimply went around it.

Now,however, Congresbury appears to have found a solution – sheet metal has beenburied within the flood barrier, providing an impenetrable badger-proof wall atthe heart of the earthworks.

Paul Gainey,a spokesman for the Environment Agency, tells the publication: “Interlockingmetal sheeting … seems to have stopped the problem.

“At themoment, we have no concerns that any badger activity is affecting the flooddefences.”

Second handsteel is well suited to such purposes, allowing it to be used for a practicalpurpose even if it is no longer suited for its primary intended application dueto wear and tear or other reasons.