Steel columns in the M50 Horse Bridge are being repaired, along with work to ensure the repaired structure is not exposed to potential water damage in the years to come.

The reinforcing steelwork inside the concrete bridge had become damaged due to water ingress, the Highways Agency explains, something that better waterproofing on the M50 above should be able to help prevent in future.

A system known as Cathodic Protection can help further, along with better drainage on the A438 Ledbury Road below the bridge.

It’s all part of improvements to the bridge structure that are already underway, and should be completed in March 2015.

This involves removing concrete from the bridge in sections, with repair work then carried out to the steel columns inside.

Future maintenance demands will be reduced, and work carried out at the same time to improve drainage and waterproofing will ensure water ingress does not happen to the same extent in future.

In all, £1.5 million is to be spent on the scheme – a handy boost to UK steel suppliers and others providing materials for the project, and a timely intervention to ensure the bridge stands strong for many years to come.

m50 horse bridge