Steel photo


It is almost a decade since the last workers left Moss Bay steelworks in Workington, which closed its doors in 2006, and now local steel suppliers have been given a permanent tribute in the form of a piece of salvaged equipment from the plant.

Alan Smith, now the leader of Allerdale Council, kept the number one mill finishing roll stand in 2006, and spent the next eight years working to have it restored to go on display.

Now it has been restored by apprentices, and given a fresh coat of blue paint, ready to take pride of place on a local roundabout.

This means anyone approaching the junction at Solway Road and Bessemer Road will have a clear visual reminder of the importance of local steel suppliers to the economy over the years.

And although the steelworks may have closed, it leaves a lasting legacy on many families in the area, and even on those whose children have moved out to elsewhere in the country, perhaps to study.

Mr Smith told local newspaper the News & Star: “It’s important to remember that this was an industry that was essential to the community.

“It kept families fed and the money allowed people to put their kids through university.”